If we stop to notice, life is full of unexpected signs and wonders.  Sometimes they are a "wink" from God and sometimes they show us important truths about our life and the world we navigate.  This nautical themed blog is a collection of such stories.  I hope you leave encouraged knowing that, as we sail through life...

God "seas" us.


For added fun read my musings on the Captain's Blog and my travel articles on Ports of Call. The Sandbar features art,  inspiration and

nautical style. 

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Paper Boat

Captain's Blog

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About me

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Elena Brighittini 

Elenabrighittini@gmail.com or @chwee_art

Hi!  My name is Lisette and if I were to describe myself in a short paragraph it would be something like this.  I am an artist and a writer. A post stay-at-home mom, a mid-lifer, and a Cuban American. A wife of thirty plus years and a mom of three adventurous children. I am a lover of themes, the 80's and everything nautical.  I've traveled much, laughed a bunch and love to get my hands dirty volunteering with Habitat for Humanity.  I am always on the lookout for those small signs that God uses to teach us a truth and show us His good humor. Subscribe below for Signs of the Tides stories and welcome aboard!

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