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Dirt, Stardust and a Kate Spade Handbag

Updated: Jan 30, 2020

The spring before the sad passing of iconic fashion designer Kate Spade, my husband gifted me one of her out of the ordinary handbags. I chose it not for the fashion or practicality of it but because it was a magic purse hiding a big surprise. At first glance you see the star constellations embroidered in gold on the crisp navy blue leather flap. That alone made it nice but inside there was a switch that turned on miniature light bulbs that lit up its constellation sky. I was instantly smitten but there was more! Seconds later, the lights began to intermittently twinkle! Enraptured, my husband turned over the money to purchase the magic bag. When not in use, it sits on my closet shelf like a piece of art for me to admire every day.

Sometimes similar surprises can await in the most mundane and unlikely things such as a dirty car window. Recently I came out of the gym after an early morning workout. I begrudgingly noticed the state of my car and ran a finger through the dirt by the bumper. It was so hard to keep my navy blue car clean with the constant rain in Florida. I made a mental note to visit the car wash and sat inside. As I readied myself to drive home, I felt the light and the warmth of the sun rising in the Eastern sky. I didn’t normally work out this early so I turned to look towards the passenger side window and witnessed the most unassuming and beautiful sight. Through the specks of dust and dew, the sun filtered in a way that made it become like sparkling stars! I swayed gently in my seat and the “stars” twinkled with the changing perspective. This definitely rivaled my celestial handbag. Goes to show that there are surprises and wonder where you least expect it. May we always have the eyes of our heart open to see it.

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