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Peter Pan Boy

Updated: Nov 5, 2019

Faith, trust and pixie dust

When my first born son Joey was little, he was obsessed with Peter Pan. One of the things I valued as a stay at home mom was fostering imaginative play. Joey wore his Peter Pan costume at every opportunity. With a confident grin, clad in his red feathered cap, he challenged anyone willing to a playful sword fight. Living just a few hours from Disney World, we visited often and were always on a quest to find Peter Pan in the Magic Kingdom. One fateful trip, Joey and his little brother were sitting in their double stroller parked by the restrooms on Main Street. That day he was wearing his Captain Hook costume and we were having difficulty finding Peter. As chance would have it, we were standing by the character exit door. Suddenly, Peter Pan and Wendy emerged and we were instantly star struck. Joey could barely talk as his hero bent down to say hello. After a few minutes, he relaxed and challenged him to a duel. In a magical Disney moment, Peter Pan and “Captain Hook” battled with their swords as Wendy cheered on.

Hook challenges Pan

For his fifth birthday party that year, we turned our home into Neverland complete with a kids table that was a pirate ship, a teepee and lovingly made character cutouts that I painted. I made him a birthday cake of Hook’s pirate ship with the smiling crocodile lingering in the blue frosting below. For Christmas he excitedly opened a toy pirate ship with all his beloved characters. When he outgrew his costume, I gently stored it away in his memory box. As the years passed by, I still thought of him as my joyful Peter Pan boy. For his 18th birthday, we returned to Disney to celebrate. As soon as we entered Epcot, one of the Disney parks, there was a topiary display of Peter Pan and Hook. In proper fashion, Joey posed for a photo and I smiled at the timing of it. The boy was now a man and soon to be headed to college in Nashville. Little did I know how Pan would still send some magic our way a couple of years later.

Pan pays a visit for Joey's 18th birthday

In his sophomore year of college, Joey informed us of a band that he wanted to audition for. He was a music major at the time at Belmont University and possessed an amazing talent with the electrical guitar. During his teens he had his own band and played weekly at church services. Our garage was converted into a music studio to foster his musical abilities. Joey’s drive to master the guitar was constant and we knew music would be his career path. He wanted to audition online for this up and coming band named Synaesthesia (who later became Kyros). The band already had a record and a following but there was one catch. The band was located in London. With our blessing he pursued it, learned a 20 minute long song from their album solely by ear, and landed the part as their new guitarist. In the progressive metal music genre, long songs are typical as the compositions are a complex mix of classical meets rock. That summer, at the age of 20, we prepared to move our son to the United Kingdom. I felt a peace about it but still... so much was about to change. Our second son was graduating from high school and would leave in the fall for Chicago. It was a further reminder about giving our children the wings to fly. Still there was a lot of unknowns in Joey’s decision. All I could do was entrust him to God’s capable hands.

Joey waiting for his flight to London

When the day to depart arrived, we found ourselves waiting at the Virgin Airlines gate as Joey played his guitar. On his head was a special hat I bought him when we vacationed together the summer prior in Europe. In Germany, I spotted this perfect green hat with a feather and bought it for him because it looked like the perfect “grown up” Peter Pan hat. He has always loved hats and was now wearing this special one this very day at the airport.

As he strummed his chords, I stood up and walked to the window to notice that his plane had arrived at the gate. There, through the glass, I saw the most incredible sight. Virgin Airlines gives each of their airplanes special names. Under the Virgin Logo of the woman wielding the British flag, was the name of Joey’s plane. She was called Tinkerbell! It could not have been any more perfect! Joey was on his way to London, wearing his feathered cap with Tinkerbell leading the way! I thought of that classic scene in the Disney movie where an invitation to adventure is proposed to a gleeful Wendy, John and Michael. As the children tumble on the bed, unable to fly of their own accord, Peter imparts a wisdom that can only come from the heart of a child. “All it takes is faith and trust and oh something I forgot….just a little bit of pixie dust.” I was grateful for this last little bit of magic and poignant reminder to have faith in the adventure of life.

Tinker Belle is ready to board

The move went smoothly and the band members clicked in every way. We could tell there was something very special about this group of talented young men. A month later we saw Synaesthesia (Kyros) play their first major concert at a Night of Prog Festival in Loreley, Germany. The famed amphitheater was positioned along the Rhine and my husband and I were beyond excited in our matching fan t-shirts. Joey wore his feathered cap on stage and the guys played a phenomenal show. Fans were waiting for their pictures and autographs afterward and my husband and I just stood back amazed.

It has been quite a ride these last few years. Kyros has toured Europe and part of the US and we were fortunate to see them play last year at a festival in Veruno, Italy. They are currently getting ready to launch their third album. Peter still remains an influence on Joey in more ways than one now. He is also the name of the tall, Italian bassist in the band.

Saying goodbye to Joey with faith, trust and a little bit of pixie dust

You can learn more about Joey and Kyros at ,, and Joey’s latest project, a Rock Opera he wrote at

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