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The Art of Anthropologie

I cannot think of a brand that is more art immersive then Anthropologie. It has been a favorite shop of mine for years. More then the eclectic clothing line with French girl appeal or its aromatic candles that illuminate the senses, is the beautiful art they create in their spaces. As an artist myself, I will never forget when I walked into a store and noticed the most incredible display of paint brushes hanging from the ceiling. There were literally hundreds of brushes hanging at different angles to create an angular suspended sculpture. My creative heart was so enraptured I took a photo of it. From then on, I started to pay attention.

Another favorite display of mine was hovering Paper-Mache sea creatures. The sight of a massive whale floating in the air above the store was a captivating dream. I still smile thinking about that surprise encounter in the shop! I am happy I still have that image on my phone to share with you all. Also gliding above our heads were colorful manatees and flocks of paper white seagulls. It was as if origami birds took off from their creator's desk and froze for a capture mid flight.

When I saw a display of box framed model clipper ships hanging on their walls, all dusty and wonderfully retro looking, my nautical heart did a flip!

Alongside those tangible art forms is the vibrant color palette they have created for their brand embodied in their décor, textiles and accessories. Anthropologie is more than a shop, it is a living and accessible museum and that is why I love it so! This year the brand launched ‘The Art of Anthropologie,’ a yearlong tribute to the makers, designers and visionaries that make their brand so unique. Their first story is about artist Claire Dejardin. Known for her beautiful abstract paintings, her story is an interesting one. After being laid off from the corporate world, she retired and began to paint. Her paintings where discovered by the brand and she became a sensation. Quite a reinvention at midlife! I have been thinking about taking a painting class and have had an art school brochure sitting here at my desk for the past month. Perhaps I will venture into something new and learn abstract painting. As Claire Dejardin’s story exemplifies, it is never too late to discover new things and tap into gifts you might not have known were there. Click on photo below to read her story on Anthro's website.

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